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Flight Planning

To help with flight planning we are providing up-to-date airport and weather information associated with Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN).

Trained pilots and trainees alike should have "flight planning" on their minds before ever stepping foot on the tarmac. The links below will aid in planning your flight from the Tweed New Haven Airport in Meriden, CT.

Information Sharing

If you know of available flight planning resources or information that you feel would be helpful let us know about it.

Tweed New Haven Airport

Flight Planning Tools From The Tweed New Haven Airport Website

Up-to-date Weather Information

NOAAHVN - Current Conditions | National Weather Service NOAA

Airport Information

skyVectorHVN - Airport Information | SkyVector

Flight Training

Introductory Flight

The first step in the process of learning to fly is the introductory flight, your first time at the controls learning the basics.

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

We love aviation and have extensive experience. Our environment is casual and friendly, and we tailor your training to meet your needs.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We're busy, so we are always looking for qualified Flight Instructors! If you'd like to know more, click here!

About Us

Take a look at the video from our sister school in Meriden

New Haven Aviation Center